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Forward thinking agile Insurance and Risk Management professional with experience in several industries including Communications, Finance, Insurance, IT, Sales, and Service. Likewise, a passionate Entrepreneur and Developer who assists organizations in value creation with the ultimate mission to create solutions which ultimately help make the world more resilient.

As a highly adaptable and versatile partner, I enable low onboarding time and costs and immerse myself into new challenging environments with ease and comfort. With a strong ability to work independently, in groups, or in hybrid teams - my skills, experience, and tenacity ensure adherence to deadlines with high degrees of precision and accuracy. A continued passion to evolve and learn combined with strong ambition, I support organizations in achieving higher returns on their investment (ROI) and quickly identify and provide strategies which prove profitable or alternatively lead to cost reductions.

Proven communication skills, both written and verbal enhance communication of simple and complex ideas with wide range of stakeholders, and serves strengthen an organization’s business relations as well assists in resolving critical issues around conflicts and disputes. Benefits include stronger relationships developed with clients, executives and other stakeholders. Effective time management, organizational, and interpersonal skills also allow with leading and manage projects while supporting coordination, delegation, and completion of tasks to deliver successful outcomes.

With strong experience in research and through use of primary and secondary datasets directed through appropriate information technology - my skills as a highly analytical, data enthusiast with strong precision to detail provide valuable resources for an organization in helping identify, evaluate and analyze trends and risks resulting in actionable feedback leading to positive outcomes and wins.

Successful outcomes on projects and tasks are a result of astute decision making through logic and rationality as well as with a keen ability to think outside the box. Excellent computer competencies, quantitative and qualitative analysis, as well as presentation delivery yields high quality outcomes in presenting problems and/or data, while being clear and succinct and while providing alternative solutions. Most importantly, an outstanding work ethic, willingness to constantly learn, team management and leadership skills are evident through past successes and can be noted from current and future ambitions.


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What I do?

Here are some of my areas of expertise

Innovative Ideas

Application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs.


Creating software solutions that can enable efficiency in business process and systems - creating resiliency and feedback


Application and web development catered for your needs, we look at your budget and requirements and plan accordingly

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My Specialty

My Skills

Beyond web development and graphic design skills, I have a background in automotive, electronic manufacture and design, and a number of other industries.














University of Toronto

CRM, Risk Management Certificate

Risk Management

2013 - 2014

York University

BCom, Bachelor of Commerce (Spec. Hons.)


2006 - 2012

Insurance Institute of Canada

CIP, Chartered Insurance Professional

2009 - 2017

LOMA Institute

ACS, Associate, Customer Service


Global Risk Management Institute

RIMS, Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.


Middlefield Collegiate Institute

High School Diploma



Work Experience



Risk Management and Insurance development firm creating holistic platform to help provide Risk Management and Risk Transfer solutions for individuals and organizations.

Self-taught developer - have begun work on web app and API’s for organizations and individuals. Objective is to bring together tools developed and build comprehensive risk management marketplace/platform to facilitate risk transfer – by creating risk capital pools that can enable customers and organizations to be part of the capital return process while enabling groups to collectively finance risk pools.

Providing firms assistance in risk identification, analysis, and providing solutions to build resiliency and lower costs leading to increased ROI.

Building relationships with prospective partners and customers with engagement opportunities through effective networking - identifying and evaluating projects and following up with discussion and presentations on where ROI can be increased.

Thought-leader in the markets and working with clients on ideation and discussion of current problems and seeking solutions that can remedy shortfalls and value traps in their business.

Swiss Re

AVP, Claims Specialist at Swiss Re Feb 2014 - Nov 2018

Handling professional liability (E&O) claims within our financial lines business. Includes complaints and actions in suit brought forth against financial advisors and insurance brokers. Responsibilities include full file management and analysis from inception to resolution of matter; including interpretation of coverage under insured and claimant insurance contracts.

Communication with stakeholders involved throughout claims process. (insureds, claimants, counsel, carriers, brokers, third parties, etc.) Delegation of work as needed to various experts such as counsel, special investigators, appraisers, and independent adjusters.

Negotiation with involved parties to ensure satisfaction of all stakeholders. Nature of business and organizational objective place large emphasis on positive relationships with all stakeholders. Recognition of performance from organizational wins.

Attendance at numerous industry and corporate events. As a result of extensive relationship based nature of business, grew a network of clients and partners, helping increase cooperation, collaboration, and partnerships in current and future concerns. Ultimately providing benefits to the organization.

Maintained role as relationship manager to panel counsel for several provinces to ensure communication of guidelines, and resolution to concerns that arise.


Investor Relations Specialist at Citco Fund Services Dec 2013 - Feb 2014

Assumed responsibility for administration of two large funds, and assisted a third that would soon move to a competing administrator.

Performed subscriptions, transfers, switches, and redemptions as instructed by clients of funds. This also included requests for information, statements, and financial transfers, if and as needed. Due to nature of the business, and due to significant financial amounts involved, quick response time and communication was maintained in order to uphold customer satisfaction, imperative in this line of work.

Worked on a brand new fund still accepting subscriptions, reviewed Offering Memorandum and created SOP’s and workflows to aid in administration of fund, speed of accessing information, as well as for any redundancy to ensure consistent and speedy service.


Personal & Commercial Manager at Birkett-Hassard Insurance Brokers Jul 2010 - Mar 2013

Responsible for managing and growing brokerage through the sale of personal, commercial, and farm insurance products with written premiums in excess of $785,000.

Serviced VIP clientele to ensure premium service and products to meet diverse personal and business needs.

Provided leadership, technical support and management to staff and advised management on ways to improve business processes in order to increase efficiencies, customer satisfaction and company revenues. Further, led projects to improve efficacy for writing new business and servicing of clients, including overall operations and management of brokerage.

Created and worked on marketing campaigns to improve brand awareness and to engage consumers and the town to create social awareness, and improve corporate social responsiveness.

Performed major IT functions within brokerage including full revamp of office supporting new hardware and full conversion to new platforms for digitization of office. Major project involved virtualization of the brokerage by allowing remote access as well as digitization of hard files including future received files through updated SOP’s and procedures. Virtualization project led to greater employee engagement, access, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Worked with carriers (insurance companies, MGA’s, etc.) to resolve business concerns that would be beneficial to all stakeholders, with a primary focus on consumers.

Created a tracking tool for new business, allowing for more granular looks at data and growth. Tool was able to provide a sample size that reflected with high accuracy, the forecast of growth, and areas where growth would ideally come from as well as other measurement criteria which proved beneficial to the organization.


Personal Lines Adviser at Aviva PLC 2009 - 2010

Provided service for personal and group books of business for various brokers holding mutual service agreements with Aviva’s in house servicing company; OIS (Ontario Insurance Service).

Worked on efficiencies to allow change requests to be performed with greater ease and reduce chance of errors while ensuring and exceeding Service Level Agreements.

Created workflows allowing for increased productivity and efficiencies within the department and organization

Canada Brokerlink

Group Account Manager at Canada Brokerlink | Intact Insurance 2008 - 2009

Managed and grew $1.1 million book of business with more than 1,000 VIP clients in personal lines products (auto, property, travel, and umbrella).

Belonged to a small dedicated team of three provincially licensed brokers managing group/VIP clients across Alberta. Role required providing service with attention to detail and to ensure highest client satisfaction in order to ensure least degree of attrition and maintain brokerage reputation amongst programs.

Assisted in development of marketing campaigns and engaged in social events to promote brokerage throughout Alberta.

Helped with large number of IT concerns, leading to increased productivity. Critical missing function from lack of in house IT department and from virtualized infrastructure many employees had trouble understanding.

Dealt with irate customers due to patience and my sincere understanding of their concerns. I was able keep individuals calm in times of great stress, while remaining confident and courteous throughout the resolution process. I also possess the ability to create unique solutions based on all available options to ultimately satisfy involved parties.

Grey Power Insurance Brokers

Sales Broker at Grey Power Insurance Brokers | Intact Insurance 2008 - 2009

Quote and bound personal lines insurance products (auto, property, umbrella and travel insurance) while building customer loyalty and providing customer service to clients through assessment of insurance needs, subsequently advising on coverage most suitable for their needs.

Sought out gaps to cover voids in coverage, and to avoid possible errors & omissions while adding value to policies in force.

Created specific spreadsheets to track performance and seek efficiencies for improvement in sales results. This performance tracking exercise was supplemental to in house sales reports which were also reviewed to seek areas of improvement.


Agency Representative (Account Recovery & Fraud Management) at TD Canada Trust 2007 - 2008

Agency representative acting as liaison between individuals (customers & branches) and collection agencies. Responsible to act as last line of resort for the permanent abandonment of debts.

Managed debts on verge of, and that had been written off bank books (automatic after 180 days). Coordinated debts through various phases (1-3) and DRS (Debt Recovery Sale), while manually re-assigning and/or abandoning partial or complete debt as warranted. Responsible ensuring satisfaction amongst all stakeholders, notably to uphold bank image. Worked on business cases, as abandonment of debt at higher thresholds required further case analysis work to ensure sound business decisions.

Worked and led a project to transfer data from legacy systems through consolidation of old information into new system by way of macros through limited use of VBA, and manipulation of spreadsheets from various databases. This project led to a successful outcome resulting in substantial cost and time savings.


Business Consultant at YAM Communications 2005 - 2007

Role was to build business into a turnkey establishment that the owner could takeover with the least amount of difficulty.

Full setup of retail store including inventory purchasing, packaging and displaying of said inventory.

Setup and management of point of sale software, bar-coding of inventory, and acted as sales associate to create procedures that would allow for efficient transactions and transaction recording by associate that would be hired.

Discussed and arranged for carrier agreements with providers including pursuant agreements including sales goals and growth targets for firm.


Product Expert at Futureshop 2005 - 2006

Initiated sales with customers and determined their needs in order to align them with appropriate products, in turn reducing return rates and customer dissatisfaction.

Compiled sales reports and determined what products the department (Communications) needed to focus on selling.

Operated Point of Sale system and processed sales with a primary focus on phone activations and the initiation of contracts through available providers.

Discussed with sales managers (in-store and reps) on how to better sell their products with respect to promotions and product placement.


Junior Systems Administrator at Motorola 2004 - 2005

Worked within the IT department as a systems administrator to resolve client (company employees) issues in a timely manner to allow for continued productivity; issues were attended to via a ticketing system.

Began a project to test and determine the efficacy of Virtual Machines within a corporate environment; which were in their infancy at the time. Deployments included Windows NT and Red Hat clients to be used as test clients at the time.

Created and managed spreadsheets and databases for asset tracking and inventory management. Received security clearances for high access areas to perform inventory counts and perform updates to tape backups.

As a result of having a high proficiency within Excel, colleagues would request help on Excel spreadsheets with respect to formula auditing, sheet consolidation and a myriad of other tasks.

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