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Investing for a New World Where Data Reigns Supreme

Ali Tarbhai

  2 years, 1 month ago

We're working to provide ideas that can help with outside the box thinking and can provide an edge on how to think critically when evaluating various choices available in the world.

Having a strong passion in working for myself in helping others build value and increase their resilience. As the internet becomes further crowded into subscription programs, I see a lack of value relative to prices. People charge several hundred dollars for few low-value ideas per month.

I post ideas and thoughts in order to generate ideas and increase discussion around all names. The goal is to provide a database of ideas for users to access for slim to no cost. Any pieces with prices attached are to keep certain products exclusive to help fund our growth and to keep discussions productive.

There is no secret strategy to the stock market, no matter how many people believe so. What is important to possess is an edge. This website is partly to provide information research on how to trade fundamentals and technicals. Trading of all types including day trading, swing trading, and long term trading. Options are also discussed - however it should be noted none of what's posted should be construed as financial advice. Resources are simply provided as learning tools to the world at large.

Our R8MEDIA page is constantly updated and fully available for everyone, regardless of membership. We hope the information can help further educate your lexicon in the world of Finance, Insurance, and Technology and far more.

-- Ali