Lead Generation

Our lead generation business helps you find the business that you want to target. In an increasing digital world, leads and .

We follow a multi-step approach in trying to determine how to best create and develop leads for your business. We know it's integral to find the right leads to generate the profitable kind of business you want and to steer customers that will create a positive impact to your business.

Most people these days are using and stick to digital phone as personal assistant to locate services needed.

STEP 1: We look to work with local niches all across the Globe. We look to work with partners who seek to build their presence online and increase traffic referrals that come from the online space. We aren't as selective as larger agencies and don't look to extract every last penny, rather work as a partner to help build business and value together and build long lasting relationships.

STEP 2: We can decide to create a website, landing page, or a number of other media marketing - we typically build off a foundation and typically start with a one page site and then help you build as you want to add services, we ensure keyrich criteria to optimize for Search engine optimization (SEO) and search ranking as well as clickthrough. We assist with ranking on Google and other social media platforms.

STEP 3: We use the site or pages created to setup backlinks and work to get site upranked, Google is effectively a popularity contest, and in the online space your presence is highly important to help generate leads. We also use local facebook groups and additional directories to help create relevance and help promote your page to increase traffic and ranking. Within a few weeks we can help develop and push up further towards Google's first page on search.

STEP 4: We work in a continuously evolving process that keeps our partner engaged and make refinements on the process to better target the leads we want to get. We focus on improvement to your other pages and presence online to help benefit your business the most.

We follow-up for any paid ads that you may want to invest in over time, if you're looking for more customers or if you're willing to start spending ad dollars to go get them more proactively. We continue with followup and continue so long as you appreciate and are willing to pay for our services.

Part free paid service - and we have additional paid services that we can help with. If not enough organic leads right away we can supplement with FB ads also which we have expertise in.