Our Branding

Our branding is built upon a black flat faceted diamond, its intention to symbolize Risk and Trust.

R8RISK is symbolized by a black faceted flat diamond. The sharp crisp nature and beauty of the diamond embodies the power and strength a diamond holds and what risk resiliency equally offers. The flatness of the diamond is demonstrative of one of many layers which can be sliced and inspected for reduction in the uncertainty from risk and equally profit from finding positive value and return from reducing risks.

Risk requires holistic management and this is also why R8 is important in our branding, when we say R8 we mean ‘rate’ and ‘right’ – an important part of risk management is the ability to rate for and ensure the risk is evaluated and handled right.

The 8 stands for continual process in the sense of a feedback loop whereby an infinite cycle helps ensure order to manage risk, continual review/improvement. This is how we help create true resiliency. The 8 also is illustrated on the 8 points as well as the 8 spaces our flat diamond which form our proprietary Risk Management Framework.

We revere our brand through the Black Bold Diamond to reflect our brand as a strong partner that can assist with the many facets of risk and serve as a backbone to help support your business. We see risk portrayed in everything in life, and the black diamond helps with our symbolism of Risk - to express strength, wisdom, eternity, and everlasting partnerships.

With all the above being said, most importantly The Black Diamond is designed as a badge of TRUST representing what we ultimately offer to our partners, and, to see that our objectives and vision are met with you at our side, and along with your support.