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Message from our Founder

Thank you for your continued support!

Ali M Tarbhai

It is with sincere pleasure I welcome you to our site, and thank you for being part of our journey. Starting this business has been a challenging albeit rewarding experience - whilst in a challenging economic environment, this organization came into existence in working towards supporting the community at large - our objective is to partner with businesses and individuals making them resilient and helping them in advancing their own business and personal objectives. This organization is not built for me but rather built towards an end goal in supporting the community at large with a longer term vision in mind.

We believe our endeavours will play a large part in providing balance to what has become an unfair world and system that serves to glorify and deceive rather than assist with fair intentions and solid partnerships in mind.

R8RISK was started with a vision to build an innovative platform helping take society where our businesses and people act to support each other and create a resilient and collaborative network and exchange to protect and help grow all supported via foundational Risk Management Frameworks.

With your continued support, we know we can achieve our goal in creating a truly resilient world and to continue building solutions that will play an important part in making our world more resilient and truly prosperous.

We ask for your patience and continued support as we build out our products/services, and remind you - Rome wasn't built in a day, and all good things take time - but with a concrete mission and your continued support as a partner by our side and continued success - we're confident we will succeed also. Your success means our success!

Stay safe throughout this pandemic, and stay tuned. We have a lot to offer the world and we're only getting started.